Dear Everyone,

I have not written in a while as I have been in a long process of moving from one apartment to another. My rent in Seattle, Washington, where I had lived had been raised so substantially that I had to cancel my radio show. I had to sign a year’s lease . which would have ended in September , 2014– and I did not think I could move before that date, as to break the lease I would have been penalized by having to pay 1 1/2 times the amount of rent I owed , which I just could not do.

Interestingly, on December 26m 2013, while being sick with upper respiratory infection, I had gotten stuck in the building’s elevator, which jumped and then stopped. I kept ringing the bell for help, and none was forthcoming. I thought I would run out of air and that this was the end of my life. I then talked to God and said , you told me that Jesus is coming back in my lifetime; if I die now, before His return, you then have lied to me and you are not man that you should lie, so please help me!

I was in the elevator for about 10 minutes, at which time it started to move up a little and stopped; then a few minutes later it finally stopped 3 floors below and about 1/2 a foot below floor level. I opened the doors and got out, praising God!

A week later, I got so sick and could not breathe, and was so convinced I was dying, that I wrote out my Will. My doctor then wanted to see me, and was so concerned about my health, that she told me I had to move to be closer to my son’s residence; and wrote a letter to my building’s management to that effect. Her doing so enabled me to be released from my lease.

I then asked the Lord, why did He allow me to be able to leave my residence at that time and the word which came to me was TSUNAMI! I understood that to mean that there would be a TSUNAMI in Seattle.

A week later, there was a 3 point earthquake in southeastern Washington State; a wee after that another 3 point earthquake took place about 20 miles south of Seattle; and shortly after that there was a report on TV about a 50 foot wave being seen off the coast in Hawaii.

Now , the enclosed video and article, about a wave coming through a window in Santa Barbara, California.

All I can say, dear people, is that be ready for earthquakes and tsunamis the sizes and strengths of which we have never seen nor experienced in the past; get your emergency items ready and handy and find higher ground to go to in cases of emergency.

You all have a blessed day.

With Jesus’ great love,
judge eve


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