IMG_1636I was shocked to see , last night, how the GOLDEN GLOBE  awards ceremony turned POLITICAL by IGNORANT PEOPLE.

Jimmy FALLON, must be   a FOREIGNER, as he did NOT KNOW that AMERICAN IS A REPUBLIC, not a democracy, and , is therefore presidential politics are determined by PROPORTIONALLY ELECTED ELECTORS, NOT by a majority vote.  Most ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS , DO NOT KNOW THAT EITHER.  So, I wonder, is JIMMY FALLON HERE ILLEGALLY??!!!


Then MERYL STREEP, went into an IGNORANT DIATRIBE, about how many actors are foreigners and proceeded to ridicule TRUMP, on FALSE GROUNDS.


She too does NOT KNOW  that PRESIDENTS  have to be NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, and people have to come to live in America, LEGALLY.    I AM A JERUSALEM BORN PALESTINIAN JEW— and came here LEGALLY– after much vetting and waiting for results of investigation.  Does Streep really think it is SAFE to allow just ANYBODY to INFILTRATE THE USA– without being properly investigated as to criminal background, illness   and the like?!

Not only doing so is ILLEGAL—  but is also DISCRIMINATORY to the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who had helped establish America and make it the wonderful country it is today.

If any of the foreign actors, are here ILLEGALLY, THEY SHOULD THEN LEAVE.

Meryl Streep,  stick to acting not to giving WRONG POLITICAL OPINIONS, in A WRONG FORUM.


No wonder movie attendance has dropped so dramatically, as has viewership   of  NBC-  and the other PROPAGANDA MEDIA- who no longer report news, but say whatever they feel will INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING== EVEN IF IT VIOLATES OUR LAWS.  Do you realize that that means that NBC , CNN,  CBS, ABC, MSNBC and those other MAIN STREAM MEDIA outlets, including the liberal newspapers, are actually then COMMITTING CRIMES?!!    I will suggest to the Trump administration that this matter be investigated.

A country without laws which are obeyed- FALLS APART.  The so called, PROGRESSIVES, are really COMMUNISTS– and they should realize and know that COMMUNISM  never worked.  American has succeeded and prospered for GOD HAD SHED HIS GRACE ON HER- for being founded on JUDEO-CHRISTIAN  foundation.

I love the Muslims, I was raised with them, however, if they wish to come to America, they need to conform and comply with our laws and NOT try to set up their SHARIA law- which is TOTALLY CONTRARY TO OUR CONSTITUTION.

So, HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION- I had attended some of your first GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS and did not see or witness SUCH VILE POLITICAL OPINIONS STATED During those awards-  I then URGE YOU to have it STOPPED IN THE FUTURE.  No wonder MOVIE attendance has dropped so materially- with movies that promote the same UN AMERICAN VIEWS.  If you, HFPA, want to operate in America, THEN CONFORM AND FOLLOW OUR AMERICAN LAWS.  As I have told so many people who complain about our system– if you DON’T LIKE IT HERE- GO ELSEWHERE.

God bless, judge eve cohen ellingwood, ret.


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