Hillary Clinton is being charged criminally in Egypt– according to the enclosed article from WND publication– YET — the regular media says NOTHING about it?

 A convicted criminal cannot run for the presidency but even a person charged with a crime, would have a very hard time running for any office, but especially so when running for the highest office in the land.

Were Hillary a republican, this kind of news would be in the media day and night and day and night- so as to destroy that person’s chances of winning any election. But a DEMOCRAT– oh, no– their misadventures and criminal activities are hidden.

Who knows what   other “dirty deals”  has Hillary and/or Bill Clinton been engaged in  just to make money.  It was Bill Clinton who had been behind an Arabic country almost getting a contract to run our  seaports, shortly after the 9/11 attack, which , admittedly, at the time , had been executed by Arabs.  As Secretary of State Hillary had access to heads of state all over the world, and, who knows, what other shady deals had taken place.

I pray that each and every shenanigans in which Hillary Clinton, and for that matter, any office holder and/or candidate for office be exposed, and now, in Jesus’ mighty name and by and through His blood.  Amen and Amen!

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS– post HAPPY CHANUKAH,   and happy whatever other holidays each and every one of you celebrates and


With Jesus’ great love,
judge eve

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