Have you heard about Target company’s computer records being hacked in November-December, 2013? It affected at least 40 million customers who had shopped at their stores during that time.

Upon learning this information, I immediately felt that this hacking was an organized activity done by real experts.

Shortly thereafter it was stated in the media that this hacking system was allegedly initiated by a 17 year old Russian youth, whose system was then used by criminals who  allegedly had done the hacking.  Later this information was changed to state, that Target’s records became vulnerable, as one of its contractors had a weak security system– SO, WHICH IS IT?   A RUSSIAN YOUTH AND A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION or  A WEAK SECURITY SYSTEM BY ONE OF TARGET’S CONTRACTORS?!  Sure makes one  think, doesn’t it?!!

Still later it was disclosed that the records of NEIMAN MARCUS and of the retailer craft shops, MICHAELS   have also been hacked.  In the last couple of days I have learned that the records of SALLY’S BEAUTY SHOP SUPPLIES and of SMUCKER’S , online shop, have also been hacked.   SO, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?!

I submit to you that more records of big name retailers have been hacked and that the information about them has been withheld but we will find out about them; and that there is an organized effort under way to scare people from shopping with those businesses thereby causing them to fail; and taking this thought one step further, creating a real economic hardship in our country.

When businesses fail, their employees lose their jobs- and when you multiply that number by the millions- we are looking at a potentially very sad situation.

I suggest that you not only protect your personal information and your credit cards- but save extra money so that you have it available in the forthcoming times of hardship.  Please also remember that we are just about a month away from the FIRST LUNAR ECLIPSE,  THE BLOOD MOON , in April- with the subsequent Solar eclipse and second lunar eclipse in October and I foresee major earthquakes,  hurricanes , tsunamis and many other climactic and earth  upheavals.

As a prophet, I am also a WATCHMAN ON THE WALL- and say all of the above to inform you and to enable you to prepare by saving extra money; and saving food and emergency supplies, so that you will be prepared.

The bible tells us  MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE– so use this knowledge wisely and get yourself, your families, loved ones and friends prepared.

Have a blessed day.  With Jesus’ great love,   judge eve

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