air heads

Often, the media are a bunch of “airheads,” like the cartoon above suggests.

It is unbelievable how severely the liberal media, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post, have been attacking President Trump. As a judge, I have learned that people barely listen to about 50 % of what is being said to them. When they really listen, attentively, they still only hear about 75% of what is being said to them.

When I learned those facts, I had decided I would listen to every word, any person was saying to me whether in formal hearings and personally. I then taught myself to listen ,similarly, to ALL I hear on television and radio and the internet, whether orally or in writing. I did and do so, so that I can learn and understand, exactly, what is intended to be communicated.

In addition, when I was a little girl, my Dad was a wonderful teacher. One of the things he taught me , first, was how important it was to listen to people attentively- by looking into their eyes , when in person, and acknowledge the fact that I was listening, either by nodding my head, or by verbally acknowledging the same. Second, he so emphasized how important it was to watch their body language- in other words, HOW they said what they did- with their eyes , hands, and other bodily reactions and movements.

My Dad explained that people did not always mean to lie, but that they did not always know what was really in their hearts; so then , in paying attention to HOW they said what they said, gave an insight into their inner thinking.

This was advice which has greatly helped me in life.

So, what about the latest news about President Trump, that allegedly , he had intended to fire the special counsel, Mueller- but did not do so, as allegedly his White House attorney said, he would quit his job , if the person undertook such firing.

The President and his staff, have DENIED those allegations.

So , we are faced with articles and statements by some UNKNOWN and UNNAMED people VERSUS the President and his staff.

Who do you think is more believable, the hearsay statements by some unknown sources, which we do not get to see, or the President and members of his staff, whom we get to see on television.

I submit, that the latter have more weight, especially, as in watching each and every one of them, I felt they were being truthful.

Have you noticed, that as opposed to Obama, about whom, the media, hardly ever said anything negative- all it does against Trump- is make fun of him , and constantly criticize him and put him down. The liberal media- HARDLY ever, mention the good things he has done for America.

So, who is behind this constant attack and why? From having read and watched the subject , extensively, I can state that it is what is called the GLOBALISTS, those who have no loyalty to country, BUT TO A WORLD GOVERNMENT. Their goal is to get rid of most of the population , have their few members at the top, and just so many slaves, at the bottom.

Thank God that He has allowed Trump to become our President and the only chance America has to become successful and prosperous again. The opposition, which mostly owns the media , cannot really overcome what Trump has been achieving, so their only recourse is to criticize, criticize , belittle him, and lie about him–all in an attempt to have him removed from office.

So, in other words, those Globalists do not care about each one of us and our will expressed in our voting– but only by what THEY WANT and they are RELENTLESS.  So we need to be relentless in praying against their schemes, and that all their efforts will be exposed for what they are, and be stopped.

Many blessings,
Judge Eve


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