Dear Everyone,

I am just heartbroken about what is going on in Israel and Gaza. Hamas wants to eradicate Israel off the map, saying so again today- as they feel Palestine is theirs. They are so wrong as the tribes of Israel were in that region from biblical times, or about 3000 years ago.

Hamas gets missiles from Iran and have misappropriated materials given to build up Gaza to build tunnels to harm Israel. Hamas also could care less about the Palestinians by putting missiles in residential areas, hospitals, mosques and schools. Israel could have finished the war in a couple of days if they were just to bomb Gaza. However, out of regard of saving Palestinian lives, they send leaflets and make calls to Palestinians to get out of harm’s way, before an attack. So now the whole world is turning against Israel.

Now shutting off flights to Tel Aviv, terrorists are shown that they are succeeding in their underhanded acts of murder.

We need to pray for the region and stand behind Israel, which is really fighting terrorism, on behalf of the USA, as well as other countries around the world.

Thank you and God bless you, judge eve

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