Elder Abuse Advocacy

flower2I experienced personal tragedy with the wrongful death of my parents, Morris and Sara Sternlight, at the hands of doctors. My sister and brother conspired to steal their life savings, which prompted me to file litigation papers. Although the litigation was dismissed, I contend that my parents were killed in the same manner as Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Doris Duke. I continue to be an advocate against elder abuse.

If you would like to read my personal story, please click on the “Judge Eve’s Ordeal” on this website.)

As a judge, lawyer and law professor, I know a little bit about the law. Yet, I have never seen such medical , legal, and judicial corruption as I have in this case.  Lawyers helped to repeatedly forge my parents’ trusts (a felony); doctors prescribing unnecessary medications (enough to kill somoene.) Plus, judges are beng totally controlled by attorneys, who are engaging in criminal activities, including threats and duress against judges.

The good thing out of all this is that I’ve learned the illegal documentation and activities carried on by all of these so-called “professionals” who are committing felonies and so far have gotten away with them, due to the organized crime group behind them.

Now, I am available to coach, advise and teach people about elder abuse. I can help you to identify the warning signs and take legal action.

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