Judge Eve’s Ordeal

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Crime-Murder of Judge Eve’s Parents

My parents, Morris and Sara Sternlight, were killed as a result of being overmedicated and being wrongfully diagnosed with diseases they did not have. My siblings are responsible for this terrible ordeal, as they wanted to get their hands on my parent’s estate. Their story is a terrible case of elder abuse.

Do you remember the case of the Menendez Brothers? Joseph and Erik Menendez are known for the shotgun murders in 1989 of their wealthy parents. The sentences for their crimes is that the brothers will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The Menendez family lived only six blocks away from my parents, Morris and Sara Sternlight, in Beverly Hills.

The Plot

The plot was to steal my parents’ millions – by first removing my Dad out of the way, who was totally in charge of my parents’ finances; have my sister, with the help of her former husband, a Beverly Hills dentist (one of whose patients was Lisa Marie Presley); to take over the money management; hospitalize my Dad; forge my parents’ trusts so as to virtually eliminate me as beneficiary – due to my being a Jewish judge, born in Jerusalem; and having spoken on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) about my belief in Jesus.

The Judgment

My sister, Helen Fabe, was convicted on July 11, 2003, of Financial Elder Abuse – with a 7 year suspended sentence, 300 hours of community service; and 7-year probation due to the amount of money involved. She can no longer administer medications to anyone other than herself and own children, nor take care of anyone over 65, other than herself.

Supporting Documents

• Sister’s Admission to the District Attorney

• Testimony in Sister’s Preliminary Hearing

• Illegally and Secretly Obtained LPS Conservatorship over Dad’s to steal bonds by forging his signature.

• Forged Documents related to Trust Account •Numerous Depositions

• Numerous Credit Card Statements with charges up to $200,000 in designer clothes for Sister

• Different Check Records Showing Sister’s repeated theft of parent’s money after getting my father out of the way – as he continued to roll finances. Mom did not know how to write a check.

• List of all medications for wrongly diagnosed diseases

• Lawsuits filed – including intervention in sister’s divorce

• Sister’s divorce case – Fabe, Helen v. Fabe, James; LASC BD

• All Sternlight cases:

• Conservatorship of Mom – by brother Joseph Sternlight, LASC

• Trust Accounting Against Helen – LASC – BP

• Malpractice Case by Brother and Me as co-special Administrator and Special Co-Special Trustees (after I was first wrongfully removed as trustee – litigant), BC

• List of Bonds, properties and forgery of my signature in Santa Monica Superior Court – SP 1416 in 2-94; and many more.

• False statements and perjury on Israeli property documents by Aunt Batya Lubliner (cousin Gary Lubliner’s mother) saying my Dad had no will.

• Numerous letters from defendant lawfirm – Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker, 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, California – Nina Sabban and Kenneth Fairfield, specifically handled the trust showing on some of their faces, no copies to me though I was co-trustee; heavily legal language to my Mom alone – at Helen’s address – and which I even had trouble understanding. My mom only went through 6th grade in Poland and was legally blind in one eye – and did not speak English too well. She was terribly afraid of courts and jail for in Poland, that meant people would just dissapear.

• Mom’s deposition video – conducted by me.

• There are records of sister having over 70 bank accounts – while she was stealing.

• Records of secret QPRT Trust for sister – against Mom – without advising me, et al.

Morris and Sara Sternlight

My parents, Morris and Sara Sternlight, just loved each other and were the perfect compliment to each other. My dad, Morris, was extremely intelligent, outgoing, a caretaker and a great and forward looking businessman. My mom, Sara, was a beautiful movie-star; she had a dream to live in Beverly Hills – but did not go beyond 6th grade in Poland. She had no idea about finances, and did not even know how to write a check, until after my dad’s death on November 25, 1993. My parents loved to travel, go dancing, and walk on the beach and were always entertaining friends. Both were givers to charitable causes and always helped their family and other people in need – financially and in deed.

The Lubliners

The family on my Mother’s side. Gary and Abigail Lubliners, his former wife. The Lubliners helped my sister take the legal municipal bonds ($1.7 Million) and illegaly cashed them in – so later my sister could steal most of it. Abigail received $100,000 for that help and Gary helped steal my parents’ land in Holon, Israel which I was to receive; and is now valued at over $1.5 million. Gary is also illegally holding monies offshore for my sister ($1.5 million); for my brother and his wife ($2 million) and other Lubliners cousins – such as those who own the big 76 Union gas station in Beverly Hills; and for His brother, Effie Lubliner, who like Gary, came to the US with nothing, and became multi-millionaires. Estelle Lubliner has helped my sister all along with her schemes – and paid $50,000 bail money for my sister in January, 2003.

Our Family History

My parents were born in Poland. Most of our family were killed in the holocaust. My parents survived due to their own parents’ foresight, which caused them to move to PALESTINE; MY mom’s dad, as he read between the lines, saw that Hitler would be bad for the Jewish people; and my father’s dad whose main name was HERTZEL- after the visionary of zionism – as my dad was 17 years old and my grandpa wanted my Dad to serve in a Jewish Army. My parents met on the beach in Tel Aviv. My Mom was 16, she worked in a comb factory with acids, gave the money to her Mom, who could not speak Hebrew and could then not continue the successful business she had had in Poland. My mom cleaned house and then went to the beach. My dad learned carpentry and knowing he could not work for anyone else, opened his own furniture business – and employed his dad to give him income. This was in Jerusalem, where my brother and I were born; where we experienced the war for Israel’s independence; the siege on Jerusalem, curfews, shootings and collecting bullet casings, which we traded as baseball cards like in America. My sister was born here in the US and was our American baby who went on to Beverly Hills high school.

The Furniture Store

My dad’s furniture store in Jerusalem became very successful where we could afford a cleaning girl and nannies. During the 1948 Israeli War for Independence, life in Jerusalem became very dangerous. We had moved to Tel Aviv on Burman road, where my Dad again started a new furniture store. He also moved his parents to Tel Aviv so my grandfather can work with him on the store. Both families, on both sides were very close. We spent all weekends (Saturday only in Israel) with grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins. Again, my Dad did very well so we moved to the U.S. I think it was because my mom’s sister (aunt) visited Israel and raved about life in America. We came here on September 1, 1954. My dad worked as a door to door salesman – day and night, 7-days a week. A few years later he was able to buy a furniture store, Morris Supply Co., in the Watts area in Los Angeles, California. My brother started to help him on part-time basis and later went in full-time. Both were able to support their respective families in a very comfortable manner. This was so despite being robbed several times; my Dad being knifed; and later shot, which he miraculously survived; and despite the 1965 Watts riots.

Life in Beverly Hills

Having a successful furniture store, my parents could finally afford to buy their beautiful home in Beverly Hills. They loved living there. My mom loved seeing movie stars in every day settings – the supermarket, department stores and on the street where Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood lived kitty corner from our house. Kirk Douglas also lived a block north from us. Beverly Hills, as wealthy and well-known it is for its expensive Rodeo Drive shops and world renowned designers is really a small town where people see each other a lot. My mom, though she was legally blind in her left eye, felt very comfortable driving around and know every street and every alley way (for short-cuts) and which way each one-way street went. She so loved shopping there.

Life in Las Vegas

There are three things I had said I would never do. One was: I would never live in Las Vegas.” The other two were: I would never be a judge as I was too much of an advocate and third, was I would never accept Jesus in my life, as I was very much aware of my Jewish heritage. We had been coming to Las Vegas for at least 20 years – maybe twice a year sometimes, to go camping and water skiing at Lake Mead. I thought it was merely a place to gamble and not good to bring up children but I ended up moving here after seeing the reasonable cost of living; cheap real estate; catering now to the retirees who are coming here from everywhere in the world; and young families, for the same reasons. I have been here 9 1/2 years and love being a 24 hour town. You can still have very reasonable meals and housing; distances are not great and it is truly a “Disneyland for Adults.” Now, it is also becoming more and more for families. It is truly a little big town, the fastest growing city in the nation, AT THE RATE OF 6000 PER MONTH. I JUST LOVE IT. IT IS ALSO a truly international city, known, of course all over the world; and having over 36 million tourists a year from the 4 corners of the world.

Life in Jerusalem

My dad, who was historically and politically aware, told me when I was a very little girl, never to forget that I was born in the one city in the world that is most important to all the three main religions in the world: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Jerusalem is a wonderful city. Full of history, which is tangibly felt such as when one goes to the old city and actually sees what it looked like 2000 years ago. Also, at that time, the British, the Arabs and the Jews all lived and interacted together. Arabs worked for my dad and when at 2-years old I decided to take a walk by myself. An Arab brought me home on a camel – I long for those peaceful days – and to be able to go there where the Bible comes alive, as is the Koran.

The Brother

My brother and I used to be very close as my parents would always have me take him with me to my school parties — as there were no baby-sitting at the time, in Israel. He is funny and was very kind-hearted. I was then shocked, when in December 1998, he helped me rescue my Mom from the verge of death by over and wrong mediction, ended up working with my sister to kill my parents. I was also shocked to hear that he had been on cocaine for five years as he was supposed to pay my parents about $1,861 a week from the business’ income which he failed to do keeping all the money for himself while I was trying to stop my sister from selling the store and property to enable him to make a living. How sad!

The Sister

She was almost like my own child as she is 15 years younger than I am. She is very bright and had helped me managed my law office, in the summer, when she was just 14 years old. She did a great job. She would call me daily to complain about her husband and I trUTED HER. I did not know she was stealing my parents’ money while abusing my mom by threatening her not to tell me anything as she would go to court and jail. My mom was deathly terrified of family members being jailed, as in Poland, people just disappeared while being incarcerated, also if my mom would say anything, people would come from Israel to kill her. My mother said my sister would come in like a “wind” or a “wolf”; would scream at her and my mom was afraid my sister would beat her up and that my sister would just steal from my mom whatever she wanted against my mom’s wishes.

The Helpers – The Professionals

The Doris Duke Connection – The Tobacco Heiress Who Was Killed by Her Butler in Beverly Hills. The butler used the same doctors the butler used for one, Clarke Espy – who wrongfully stated my Mom had parkinson’s and gave her TASMAR – an experimental medicine, which destroys the liver, and my sister continued to get about 450 of them, after removal by the FDA. She would get them with prescriptions from Dr. Espy and from the Athena Mail Order Pharmacy in south San Francisco as the one used by Doris’ Duke’s butler. My sister used numerous pharmacies and had over 70 bank accounts. Dr. Irwin Ruben had wrongfully diagnosed my dad with alzheimer, telling me when dad was first hospitalized that half his brain was gone (how did he know?), later saying that one could not tell what Dad had unless an autopsy was done; and that Dad could last with dementia for many years and would be better if he died from pneumonia. I My Dad developed pneumonia and died. This doctor also had prescribed PSYCHOtrOPIC DRUGS TO both my Mom and Dad, of which I was not told, are mind altering drugs. Dad was not given antibiotics for his medication; and I had been told that the Locked Facility Meadowbrook in Mar Vista, California had a lot of wealthy Beverly Hills people sent there. That they would become very sick and die and their millions disappears. Dr. Ruben was a friend of my sister and her husband. My mom said all the doctors my sister took her to were part of a “group”. One would wonder why my mom was so overmedicated yet did not tell me.

Drivers and Caretakers

Not all of them helped my sister administer Tasmar to mom. There were many attorneys – the firm of Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker, with Nina Sabban and Ken Feinfield – all trust law experts failed to advise me of a conflict of interests as they had also helped my sister and her husband to set up a trust which they helped her fund out of my parents’ Sternlight Family Trust, all without my knowledge nor my mom’s, even though we were co-trustees of the Trust. No copies were sent to me about financial dealings regarding parents’ trust, even though when they were falsely told that a million dollars disappeared, they made no effort to discuss the matter with me. They failed to tell me that sister breached the trust by selling my parents’ home and getting a commission referral fee for it making it a conflict of interests; nor that my parents’ accountant, Harold Landau, sold the house after falsely telling my mom she had no money, so that he could get $83,000 commission selling the house at a very low end and buying a condo for mom, which she hated. She did not want to leave Beverly Hills. Allegedly my lawyers, for whom I paid to bring this action, behind my back were working with my brother and helping my sister to withhold evidence. He failed to go after the forged trust issue; had not asked for $5 million which were stolen by sister and later shared with brother. Like, Monica Lewinsky, they called me crazy and irrational when I would ask why the right things were not being done. They could not argue with me knowing law. Other people, decorator, and others whom my sister had given her kickbacks for what they did to my mom. Bank Leumi of Israel in Switzerland enabling my sister to steal $500,000 and $300,000 there; City National Bank in Beverly Hills, not advising me that only my sister’s signature was on family trust bank account, whereas the three co-trustees’ signatures needed, legally, to be on them; and stock brokerage companies such as Harriman-Brown Brothers who illegally cashed bonds with forged signatures; and ahead of time all arranged through Bank Leumi and cousin Gary Lubliner.

About Eve

I wanted to be a lawyer when I was three years old and was very encouraged to do so by both parents, especially my Mom, who said she did not have the opportunity to have advanced education and would love for me to do it. When we came to the US, people told me that women should not become lawyers so I majored in Spanish with a Math Minor. I used it towards a teaching degree. I did not like the education courses and applied to Loyola Law School. I was accepted right after I got engaged and really thought a married woman should stay at home to raise her children. But my then husband joined me and encouraged me to go to law school and take the bar exam. I ended up working to keep a housekeeper and got very active in legal professional organizations politics, taught law and later became an administrative law judge for the California unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. I had to resign due to a back injury. I also used to minister extensively; be on television and radio and have written a book, “Diary of A Sabra: Faith In Action.”

Elderly Abuse in America

I have come to learn how terribly widespread elderly abuse has been and become on a huge scale and highly organized. I have also learned of individual cases with many similarities in method of operation which I have come to learn in detail in the last 4-1/2 years. I am now very much aware and alerted to my parents’ situation when around December 3, 1998, my sister, to whom I had been talking with daily, in a terrible tone of voice, while I was in another state, said I’m going to put mom in a convalescent home. I’m going to sell the condo, it’s mine. I knew my mom would not survive in a convalescent home and so I answered calmly No. You will not. We need to sit down and talk about it. My sister then said Talk to my lawyer. and hung up on me. I cut my visit short, knowing that something was terribly wrong and headed back to Los Angeles when I first started to uncover this horrible, lengthy abuse, theft and murder. I know I can now help other people. Everyone has parents and we were raised as the Asians and Spanish to honor our elders not to kill them. My brother had stated to me that they kill their elders in South America all the time and then steal the money and go to church or temple and become respectable. Is that what our country built on Judeo-Christian laws has come to? What will the younger people do when they get older and have the same thing done to them? What we sow is what we reap.

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