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Prayer: “Dear Lord,  I lift up Eve to you now, and ask for a hedge of protection around her, her show, and her family.  Lord, I praise you for your work through Eve, your direction in her life, and your healing hand on her.  While I know she has dealt with illness in her life, I see how you use that to be an example to others, and a light unto you.  I praise you, Dear Lord for the joy Eve and her show bring into the lives of others, for her constant pursuit of holiness, for being an obedient Child of Christ, and growing your Kingdom, Lord..  Her words edify, Lord, as she speaks your truth to us.  I praise you, Lord, for the gift of Eve.  Thank you for blessing us in so many ways, for making her show possible, for allowing us to hear YOU, Lord, through the show and the guests on the show.  We are set apart.  I praise you, Lord, I love you, Lord!  May you bless us all as we fight the good fight, for your glory! AMEN”
Jenevieve Fisher, R.T.(R)(T)
Founder and Executive Director of Educate A Cure, a 501(c)3
Carnation, WA

From Dede Haislip, featured guest on Judge Eve Radio Show

dedeI want to ask you all something. WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? FAITH IS NEVER CONVENIENT. It’s true that you only need faith the size of a mustard seed to see things happen, but that’s not where your faith is supposed to stay! It’s supposed to grow! So I say again, what does it take for you to believe in miracles? God is still a miracle working God but your faith limits the miracles he can produce in you. Do you want to know for yourself that I Am is the God of supernatural occurrences?
From Mark Hunnemann, Christian Demonologist & Reformed Presbyterian Ministermark-hunnemann

Is Casper friendly?

My message is a compelling new scientific, logical, and biblical argument that ALL paranormal activity is demonic! In other words, Casper is a demon. All of the basic assumptions of the paranormal community are simply repeated over and over again until they appear axiomatic, but these presuppositions have no evidential or logical foundation and are cruel. Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes is not a collection of ghost stories, although it has ‘ghosts’ stories in it. Known as a polemical book, arguing for a particular belief; in this case the question that is analyzed is: do ghosts exist?I argue (at times strenuously) for one specific answer to that question. That is, I don’t look at the evidence and agnostically ask ‘What do YOU think?’ I use logic, different aspects of science, and a biblical worldview to come to a firm conclusion; one which I truly believe is beyond reasonable doubt. That is what is unique about this book: the cumulative evidence is so overwhelming, that for the first time, readers have good reason to say the debate is over. I even offer a hypothesis which is empirically verifiable. If sufficient numbers of properly trained paranormal/supernatural investigators religiously provoke shadow figures, then the debate will be SEEN to be over-it will be proved to be true. All this may sound strange to the ears of some, but God called me to a field (I wasn’t looking for it!) which is full of mystery, and at times significant danger, for those who get in over their heads.For an evangelical to write on the subject of ghosts is different because, as a whole, they (we) are very dismissive of the paranormal. My book is the only book solely about ghosts written by an evangelical.In addition, my argument combines science, logic, and a biblical worldview-nobody has ever written a book about the paranormal using the biblical worldview methodology. That method is much more comprehensive than simply asking “What does the bible say about ghosts?” Finally, my argument that all alleged ghosts are demons is empirically verifiable. For more information, check out my website at

Greg Haislip, Overcomers Minister

gregHi. My name is Greg Haislip and I used to be addicted to men, but Jesus set me free. Today I am married to a beautiful woman and we are expecting our first child.together. I must tell you that I didn’t just arrive to the life that I now have. It’s taken years to get me to this place.

November 7, 1994. Today was the day that the fruit of my mind came out of the closet. I told my wife of 15 years as well as my two sons; ages 12 and 5, that I wanted to divorce them. All for what? Homosexuality. My wife called my parents and she said, “Greg has something that he wants to tell you”. I was handed the phone and told my mother that I was leaving them because I’m gay. My wife and sons moved back to her hometown and I was finally free to be me…I thought. I had a short relationship with a guy before meeting the one that I would spend the next 10 years with. There’s no such thing as a monogamous relationship in the homosexual lifestyle as I proved frequently. Living in a condo close to the beach served to become of one my favorite places to reside. I would meet men at parking lots of the local parks, bars, and of course the beach.

I went to Pensacola also known as the Gay Riviera for the Memorial Day weekend. Even as a homosexual there were things that I saw that were too intimidating for me to participate in. Thank God! But still, I was no choir boy. There were two times that I left my boyfriend to become straight but I didn’t have a made up mind to stay clean and as a result, I ran back. I remember sitting in our living room with my partner in the kitchen, watching Passion Of The Christ with Jim Cavisel. I was balling like a baby and my boyfriend knew not to come in the room. Something else that happened clinched my soul back from Hell. I turned on the TV to TBN and a man named Pastor Rod Parsley was preaching and gave the plan of salvation out to all those like me to be set free. After 10 years of promiscuity and codependency, I had finally had enough.

On January 1, 2006 I was saved! Halleluia, I wasn’t going to hell anymore! Well, that’s when the challenges really started. Since I was codependent I didn’t have the money to just move out so for 22 months I continued to live in the same residence with my former partner but because of how our condo was situated, I was able to move to a different part of the house. Then in October of 2007 I moved into my own place and I remember being able to pray out loud and live uninhibited for Jesus Christ. In 2008 the Lord started talking to me about making a sign of my testimony and placing it on my car. I said to the Lord, “They’ll kill me!” I had the sign made and however small it was, it took great faith to make it. It said, “I used to be gay, but God set me free”. I placed it in the window in such a way that I could take it off my car each night just so my car wouldn’t get vandalized. I would drive for hours with that in the window. It’s funny that something so small would warrant such a massive response! After a while, I started getting used to all the middle finger salutes and wagging heads. I must also mention that I had window flags on my car as well. I had quite a variety, such as “Jesus Saves” to ones that had a picture of the dove on them, to some that said, “Holy Spirit”. I was a moving target for all to see. I’m surprised that I was never sighted a traffic ticket for “Vehicular Testimony”! Then in 2009 the Lord started talking to me about letting everything go. At the time I had a cleaning business but it wouldn’t prosper because the Lord had other plans in mind for me. Eventually on October 1st, 2010, I left my condo, my beach, my favorite grocery stores, my business, and with a little money in my pocket I went on the road full time. Boy did that give me a lot of “alone” time with the Lord. Now I must mention that my desire to be married was growing and I found myself talking to the Lord about what kind of woman I’d want. I remember saying, “Lord, who’s going to want to marry a man that used to be gay?” But, even with that in mind, I’d still let the Lord know what I’d appreciate in my future bride. On Sunday October 31st, just 30 days after going on the road as a full time evangelist, I met her. The first time I saw her was in the church lobby taking a drink at the water fountain. Mind you, I didn’t know that she was going to be mine until later that day. We ended up sitting beside each other in church and during the service she told a friend sitting beside her, “This is the man I’m going to marry, the Lord told me so!”  By that night, I was officially courting my future bride and 7 weeks to the day of meeting, we got married.

There is so much more that I could go into but for now, that’s where this story will end. If you will allow the Lord to use you the way that He desires, you will be content in every situation. My bride and I have been in awful circumstances and yet through it all, we are truly content. If you have any questions or if you’d like us to come and minister in your church, we’d be honored. We can be contacted either by facebook or by email: xgay greg. bride @ yahoo .com  Website



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