What the United Nations did on 12-23-16 with its anti-Israel resolution 2334, was an absolute open ANTI-SEMITIC ACTION by a group of small JIHADIST-ISLAMIST nations, whose sole goal is to destroy Israel and push it in the sea.

Well, the bible tells us that in the end times, all the nations of the earth would turn against Jerusalem. However, according to a booklet I had translated from English to Hebrew, for the Campus Crusade for Christ, every nation in history which had gone against the Jews and Israel , has been destroyed. For example, the SUN NO LONGER SETS on the BRITISH EMPIRE’ Germany, Egypt and other countries had also been similarly destroyed.

Upon learning that such action as the above was contemplated by the Security Council of the UN. I had emailed each of the four countries which were insisting on the vote , and told them the following: NEW ZEALAND, WILL HAVE SUCH SEVERE EARTHQUAKES, MAKING THE TWO RECENT EARTHQUAKES THEY HAVE HAD, SEEM LIKE NOTHING ( in fact, I have since been shown by the Lord, that that island country, will be cut in half); Within a couple of days after that statement, SOUTHERN CHILE, had a 7.7 point earthquake, with some severe aftershocks.

I told VENEZUELA, that their current bad economic conditions were nothing in comparison to what is coming- and a couple of days later, read that this country was having a terrible economic time;

I told MALAYSIA, that their having lost two passenger airlines was nothing in comparison to how many more they are going to lose.

I told SENEGAL, that they would suffer greatly , as well- within a couple of days of that statement- there were news about the difficult times in Senegal.

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED- and you will see judgment on the rest of the members of the Security Council, on their countries and on the people who pushed for this HORRIBLE RESOLUTION. America is spared for now, as under TRUMP Israel and the jews will be protected, and God is withholding His judgment on her.


Almost two years ago now, I had written each member of the Security Council, when they proposed a forced two state solution on Israel that the same will happen to them.

Did you see today in the news, how an Arab terrorist, smashed into a crowd of people in Jeruslamem– killing 4 and wounding 17? This is what this ALLEGED peace keeping body, the UN< caused. IT SHOULD BE DISBANDED and SUED FOR ANTI=SEMITISM, which I will continue to promote.

Israel had not only conquered the West Bank and the rest of JERUSALEM, but it was given to the Jews by God. I was born in that city, and know how SPECIAL IT IS, to all major 3 religions in the world– but the JEWS HAVE TO ADMINISTER AND PROTECT THAT CITY.

I hope, those of you, who are so led, will push for the same. God bless you all- and we are going to see GOD”S JUDGMENTS, all over the world- starting this year– 2017.

Thank you and with Jesus’ great love, Judge Eve Cohen Ellingwood, ret.




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