Prophet Eve

Sometimes people ask me, “Why do you consider yourself to be a prophet? Let me explain.

In the 1990s, Elsie Reid in Bakersfield, California, anointed me as a prophet. Elsie was the Director of Prayer Counseling at First Baptist Church. Elsie discipled me and eventually ordained me as a prophet.

During this time, I was also working as an Administrative Law Judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

I’m also a Seer. I see into the spirit realm, the human body, and the past, present and future. God has performed mighty miracles through me over the past 20 years. Let me share a few stories with you.

Woman who overdosed on sleeping pills

My friend’s daughter in California was suicidal after her boyfriend broke up with her. She overdosed on sleeping pills.

At the time, I was living in an apartment in Las Vegas.  A mental picture of this girl came to me. I began to pray and cry out to God. I walked around the room commanding the girl not to close her eyes, no matter how many pills she had taken. I prayed that the pills she had taken would be neutralized.  I also saw (in the Spirit) where she was, even the street signs around her house. I could see her curtains and bedspread, which were a light tan color, with a flowery design.

The next morning, her brother found her and rushed her to the hospital, where she had stomach pumped.

A few months later, I got to talk to her. Evidently, the depression was now gone. She told me that she had taken 179 sleeping pills, but could not close her eyes. At the hospital, the doctors found that the pills had not taken effect nor harmed her stomach.

Prophecies for complete strangers

I used to be a part of a church team that ministered to people when they came forward during the service.  People would come up in line for prayer, and the Lord would open them up to me, like an open book. Sometimes, the people would confirm what I said, but so many times, they would deny it. However, sooner or later, I received a phone call or someone would approach me and confirm the prophecy that I gave them at the service.

“You will have a new husband”

A lady came forward for prayer concerning her husband, who was going to bars after work. She was very unhappy about this. Out of my mouth came these words: “You are going to have a new husband!”

“But I already have a husband!” she said.

In my mind, I said to the Lord, “You can’t do this to me. I can’t tell people the wrong things!” Even so, I felt like what I was saying was from the Lord, and I shouldn’t take back my words.

I mentioned to this lady that I saw her husband in my mind’s eye. He was wearing a flannel checkered shirt. It had red, navy blue and white squares on the material. It was a long sleeved shirt.

The women looked at me puzzled. “Oh no, my husband is an engineer! He wears white dress shirts and ties to work. “

A few weeks later, this woman called me at work. At the time I was hearing cases in Oxnard, California, and she had found my main office telephone number. She told me an amusing story.

A week after the meeting, her husband brought home a new shirt. It was the exact shirt that I described: Red, navy and white checkered flannel shirt with long sleeves. Also, her husband stopped going to bars.

“Now all my friends say that I have a new husband!” she said.

I was praising God for answered prayer! Evidently, her husband is a Christian. He was restored to holiness, and therefore is like a new man. She does have a new husband!

Goodbye Depression, Hello New Husband!

As a judge, I had several court reporters.  One of these court reporters was depressed, as her husband had passed away. She felt alone and abandoned. However, out of my mouth came these words:

“Within two weeks, you will meet the man you are going to marry. He is tall, over six feet, thin, and his hair looks like a wavy pyramid on his head. He has bright blue eyes and wears a silver gray suit with a herringbone design.”

About ten days later, I asked my court reporter if she has met the man of her dreams yet. She told me about feeling so depressed that she went out to eat at a restaurant. She sat alone, at the counter. Next to her was a gentleman reading a newspaper. They started talking about various articles in the newspaper. He was tall, blue-eyed, and wore silver suit which I described. The rest is history, as they were married about three months later.

After she spilled the beans and told him about my prophecy, he wanted to meet me.  We decided to meet for lunch at the same restaurant where they originally met.  When they walked in, I noticed that he was exactly as I’d envisioned him to be. However, his hair looked different. He wore a crew cut.

“I don’t understand it,” I told them. “When I envisioned you, your hair was like a pyramid on your head and you were much thinner.”

He explained to me that for a long time, he was as skinny as a rail, and yes his hair is now different. He had just gotten it cut.

In this situation, I realized that the Lord gave me enough information to identify him. He was an answer to prayer and a fulfillment of what I had prophesied.  Praise you, Jesus!

These types of situations happened again and again. I’ve witnessed many miraculous answers to prayer. It is such a privilege to do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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