All About Eve

There used to be a Betty Davis movie called “All About Eve” which was popular when I was 11 years old. My parents took me and a school friend to see it.

On the way to the theater, my Dad said, “Tonight we are going to find out all about Eve!”

I was concerned that Dad was going to question my friend about what do in school! However, my Dad was just kidding around.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a retired Administrative Law Judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. I practiced law for 18 1/2 years and taught law at Glendale College of Law, where I served as a Dean.

I’ve been very active in politics at all levels: Locally and nationally. I served as Chairman for the Speaker’s Bureau, and was active in the Lawyers’ Club of Los Angeles. For several years, I set up TV and radio programs for Law Day, enabling various lawyers and judges to talk about various legal subjects. I have also spoken to service clubs in Los Angeles, and have arranged for more speaking engagements in one small region than in all of Los Angeles country put together.

I’ve been a member of several public service organizations. As a prophet, I have ministered for over 20 years across the country, and also in Canada.

I’m a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Vegas, I also ran for congress, as “Eve Number one Mom.” I’m also a licensed Private Investigator in Washington State.

I was born in Jerusalem (when it was still Palestine.) I come from an orthodox Jewish family had have lived side-by-side with Muslim Arabs and Christians. I remember when everybody got along, and we were able to talk about the Middle East and the cultures of Jews and Arabs. My family and I grew up in Jerusalem, but we immigrated to America during the 1960s.

I became a Christian while I was working as an Administrative Law Judge. A co-worker shared the Four Spiritual Laws

Nothing comes cheap, and I’ve been severely persecuted for my belief in Jesus. Actually, the Lord warned me in advance about this, and nothing can tear me away from my Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m fluent in Spanish and Hebrew. I’ve studied Arabic, French and Mandarin Chinese. At home, I grew up hearing Polish and German. I love all people, no matter who they are or from where they come.


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